Pentest and Audit 

Implement penetration testing and audit for the entire network system and applications comprehensively. The service is executed from all phases of design, implementation, testing and operation of the organization system. The used methods are chosen by the clients.

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Competitive advantages

We provide service with outstanding quality

Implementation process

Ensure that the enterprise system is sacured and prevented from all cyber attacks. the Threat Hunting service (Threat Hunting) roles are to search, detect and remove malicious sofrware as well as network security threats. latent in the corporate network.

Step 1

Clients send request to test and audit

Step 2

VCS proposes the plan

Step 3

Clients provide environment and conditions to be tested

Step 4

VCS executes

Step 5

VCS send evaluation results and instructions to fix the vulnerability detected

Step 6

Customers make adjustment according to the instructions and send request a re-evaluation

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