Redline Stealer Report

During the cyber monitoring process, Viettel Threat Intelligence has detected and collected a large amount of information-stealing malware’s log data. More seriously, the information of Vietnamese users who logged into the critical infrastructure, especially including national banking, government and media systems, has continuously appeared in this data set and occupied a large number.

Therefore, Viettel Threat Intelligence experts have issued alerts for the critical threat of leaking personal information, raised awareness for users to minimize the impact and made recommendations on the prevention of these dangerous malwares. In this article, Viettel Threat Intelligence will monitor the cyber behavior of Redline Stealer and its affects on users and customers, and then make recommendations from experts to handle these malwares. The article is only for the purpose of researching and sharing knowledge about cybersecurity. Viettel Threat Intelligence is not responsible for any misuse of this knowledge for attack or damage purposes.

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