Viettel Cyber Security engineering team wins at the world’s leading cyberattack contest for fifth consecutive years

The Viettel Cyber Security engineering team ranked in the Top 3 of Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023 – marking the 5th consecutive win for VCS at the world’s leading cyberattack competition, with a perfect score in all categories participated.

Pwn2Own 2023 was held in Vancouver, Canada. Participating in the competition, Viettel Cyber Security – VCS experts (Viettel team) achieved the third overall position with a total score of 12. The team targeted and executed a successful penetration test exploit on two targets including Microsoft Teams in the Business Communication Applications category and Oracle VirtualBox in the Virtualization category. With the Microsoft Teams goal, VCS experts have successfully exploited it from the first attempt with less than 10 seconds.

After three days, Team Viettel achieved 12 Master of Pwn points – the absolute score in the registered contest categories (12/12 points), winning cash prizes worth up to hundreds of thousands of USD. The group, whose members are aged 20-24, was ranked third in the leaderboard, behind France’s Synacktiv and Singapore’s STAR Labs in the computer hacking competition Pwn2Own Vancouver.

Previously, Viettel’s experts participated and continuously reached the Top at Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020, Pwn2Own Vancouver 2021 and Pwn2Own Toronto 2022. According to Viettel’s representative, the achievement of participating in the Pwn2Own of VCS is not too new to security community, the difference and impression is the force of young engineers participating in this competition. Through the years 2021, 2022, the VCS team continuously appeared young factors and increasingly occupied a large number of the list of contestants. Typically in the last two contests, most of the participants are from the GenZ generation, born between 1997 and 2003. Among them are engineers who have just tried for the first time but succeeded and brought home prizes. tens of thousands of dollars.

The Viettel representative added that the fact that young engineers continuously achieved high results at many international security competitions shows that VCS has been on the right track in building a high-quality force in cyberspace. This young generation is talented, knowledgeable, capable enough to compete with engineers in the world.

Pwn2Own is an annual computer hacking competition organized by Zero-day Initiative, an international software vulnerability initiative. This year, there are seven competition categories: Enterprise Applications, Local Escalation of Privilege, Server, Virtualization, Automotive, Enterprise Communications and Web Browser.

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